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Alternatives to Driving Drunk

Why risk getting a DUI when you have alternatives? Many of us have been in the dilemma where you may not think you are too drunk to drive home, yet you know you’re probably past the legal limit and shouldn’t. To drive while intoxicated is not safe nor worth the risk. Of course the best idea is to plan for a ride home ahead of time, but we all have been somewhere when an unexpected good time arises and plans change. In any case, here are a few alternatives to consider before getting behind the wheel yourself.

– Call a friend or relative for a ride home. (Parents are usually appreciative of the responsible decision and don’t mind.)
– Go out with friends and include a designated driver
– Public transportation (taxi, lyft, uber, subway, bus, pedicab, etc)
– Look for a free ride service provided by some cities
– Ask a law enforcement officer for a ride home
– Join a group that provides free rides for one another on a mutual basis. These can be found in most large cities.
– Walk if you don’t live far from where you are going
– Don’t drink at all. If you feel none of these options are available to you, sometimes the most responsible thing to do is to stay sober and avoid the hassle all together.