West Columbia DUI Lawyer


Many people think that a DUI charge is open and shut. At The Allen Law Firm, let us assure you that this is not the case. We encourage you to consult with us before discussing your case or a possible plea with anyone. Attorney David K. Allen formerly worked as a prosecutor in Richland County (Columbia, SC), primarily handling DUI’s, and can advise you of your legal options when faced with a DUI charge. Listing all of the possible defenses here would be impossible, but know that each case is different. At the Allen Law Firm, your DUI case will not be treated as just another number.

We gather the evidence, interview witnesses and we even the odds that are against you. To ensure that you receive the best chances, call our office and hire one of our West Columbia DUI Lawyers.

Our West Columbia DUI Attorneys will discuss with you the results of any field sobriety tests done at the scene, any blood work that was drawn and give the results. We can assist in proving your case so that you are able to keep your license and continue driving.

The DUI Attorneys at The Allen Law Firm will work with dedication and a fierce desire to find justice for all. Our West Columbia DUI lawyer will fight for you so that you do not have to continue to be subjected to requests of sobriety checks and blood alcohol tests. If you are in need of a West Columbia DUI Lawyer, contact us today.

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