West Columbia Criminal Defense Lawyer


A criminal defense lawyer practices in the defense of individuals who have been charged with a crime. At The Allen Law Firm in West Columbia, SC, lawyers will help clients with the issues surrounding a criminal charge, including bail/bond hearings, preliminary hearings, appearances and roll calls, pre-trials, trials, and more.

At The Allen Law Firm, we understand that you may be feeling as if you’ve already been judged when you’re arrested and charged with a crime. Please know that you can hire a criminal defense lawyer at The Allen Law Firm that will not think that way. Some clients will need their lawyer to arrange the best possible guilty plea deal, but other clients will need their lawyer to take their case to trial. We are prepared to guide our clients toward their best course of action in any situation.

At The Allen Law Firm in West Columbia, SC we encourage you to act quickly to obtain legal advice from us to protect yourself. At The Allen Law Firm, we focus on preserving your rights, exploring the options which can bring you a satisfying resolution, and keeping you fully informed since we are devoted to understanding the circumstances of your case and presenting your defense.

At The Allen Law Firm in West Columbia, we deal with all kinds of criminal charges and probation revocations. We are also prepared to seek resolution of your charges through intervention plans, plea negotiations, or trials. If you are looking for a West Columbia Criminal Defense Lawyer, contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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