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Family Law is an area of law dealing with many different family-related issues and domestic relations. Some of the most common Family Law issues are Divorce, Separation, Child Custody, Child Support, Visitation, Equitable Distribution of Property, Name Changes, Establishment of Paternity, and Alimony disputes. Other Family Law issues include Department of Social Services (DSS) interventions regarding Child Abuse and Neglect, Termination of Parental Rights, Minor Emancipations, and Adoptions.

In South Carolina, all of the above fall under the jurisdiction of the Family Court. Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) actions also fall under the Family Court umbrella. The Family Court Judge acts as both judge and jury in all such matters. The Allen Law Firm in West Columbia, SC have lawyers that can handle your Family Law disputes.

Divorce and child custody cases can be especially complicated, and the advice of a lawyer from The Allen Law Firm in West Columbia, SC can help you make sense of a complicated and emotional situation. The decisions you make when confronted with a Family Court issue can affect your children’s lives and future, as well as your own. This makes Family Law disputes some of the most emotional legal situations people face. Contested disputes can become quite complex, and heavy emotions only make things harder. Any type of Family Court dispute may involve several hearings and pleadings, and you must ensure that your personal interests are represented adequately.

We understand that Family Law disputes are some of the most difficult times for our clients and their families. We strive to help families get through this process and put their lives back in order. We focus on our clients’ goals for their future and for their children’s future.

Similarly, juvenile adjudications can be troubling times for families. At The Allen Law Firm, we will see to it that your son or daughter’s rights are protected, and guide you through the process of dealing with DJJ.

We at The Allen Law Firm also handle issues of Adoption because Adoptions have a substantial amount of legal requirements that an unrepresented person may not be aware of or understand. A West Columbia family law attorney from the Allen Law Firm can help you meet you those requirements so you can focus on your new family.

There are many reasons why families may need to attend Family Court, and lawyers at The Allen Law Firm are eager to help you by making you aware of the issues you will confront and what you can do to prepare for those issues, by advising you on what a Family Court Judge is likely to do with your particular Family Court situation, and what you might expect your family’s future to look like. If you are in need of a family lawyer in West Columbia SC , contact us today.

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