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We can’t control everything in life. The worst case scenario happens sometimes. But having a plan for such catastrophes can minimize the impact on you and your family when that worst case scenario does come along.

At The Allen Law Firm in West Columbia, we encourage everyone to have a Will, a Durable Power-of-Attorney, and a Healthcare Power-of-Attorney. The Will document provides guidance to your loved ones after your death, while the other documents makes it easier for your loved ones to handle your affairs while you are alive.

Having a Durable Power-of-Attorney and a Healthcare Power-of-Attorney before disaster strikes is often invaluable to your loved ones who simply want to carry out your wishes. Similarly, planning your estate properly can help your family avoid a complicated probate process during an already emotional time after you death. By seeking legal counsel and planning for these tough times, you add an additional level of comfort for your family, much like an insurance policy.

Planning in advance can also save your family from expensive and unnecessary legal fees and emotional decisions. The Allen Law Firm is here to help you prepare for these difficult, emotional times that, unfortunately, affect us all at some point.

The Allen Law Firm has experience and references for complete estate planning involving will, living wills, power of attorney, medical power of attorney, conservatorship guardianship.

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