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Is My License Suspended After a DUI Arrest?

As with just about anywhere else in the United States, drinking and driving is a serious offense here in Columbia, South Carolina. One of the most common questions that our DUI defense lawyers get from those who have been arrested for a DUI is whether or not their license is suspended. Well, there are a couple of factors that go into the type of punishment drunk drivers might receive. Here are some of the instances in which a driver’s license might be suspended after being arrested for DUI. If you’re not sure whether one of these instances apply to you or not, it’s best to discuss the details of your case with your DUI attorney.

High BAC – If your BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) was extremely high during your DUI arrest, a judge might deem it necessary to suspend your license.

Refusal to Submit a BAC Test – If you refuse to submit a breathalyzer test when you are arrested for DUI, it’s highly likely that your license will be suspended. Typically here in South Carolina first time offenders will have their license suspended for 6 months, a second offense will result in a year suspension and a 2 year suspension for the third offense.

Younger Than 21 Years Old – In addition to facing hefty administrative fees and fines, a driver’s license will be suspended if the drunk driver is under the legal drinking age. The way it works here in South Carolina is that if you are convicted of your first offense while under 21 years old, your license will be suspended for 3 months and a second offense within a period of 5 years will result in a 6 month license suspension. If you are under the legal drinking age and refuse to submit a BAC chemical test, your license will automatically be suspended for 6 months.

If you believe that your driver’s license is now suspended following a DUI arrest, don’t panic. There is actually a way to have your license reinstated depending on the severity of your case. Contact our West Columbia law firm to speak with a qualified DUI attorney regarding your options.