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What To Do If Your Spouse Has Filed For Divorce?

Let’s face it. Divorce is extremely common in our society these days. As a matter of fact, you probably know quite a few people who have been divorced once or twice before. While splitting up with your spouse won’t necessarily ruin the rest of your life, it can be a little daunting going through the process of a divorce. If you ever find yourself faced with divorce papers, here are a few of the first steps you should take so you can quickly move on with your life.

Hire a Knowledgeable Divorce Attorney – Going through a divorce can get a little confusing at times if you’re not knowledgeable about local laws and legal processes. Hiring an experienced divorce attorney is your best bet because he or she knows everything there is to know about divorce laws and proceedings.

Answer the Petition for Divorce – The next thing you and your lawyer will go over is how you will answer the petition for divorce from your spouse or his/her attorney. In most states, the petition must be answered within 20 days of being served the divorce papers.

File a Counterclaim – During this time period, you also have the opportunity to file a counterclaim in response to the filing of divorce by your spouse. Your attorney will advise you whether or not this is actually recommended for your particular situation.

File a Motion for Temporary Orders – In some instances, you may also want to file a Motion for Temporary Orders right after being served the divorce papers. This usually applies if you feel that you should obtain custody of your minor children, have issues with insurance coverage or are having a hard time agreeing on the split of immediate expenses.

Being served with divorce papers from your spouse can change your life forever, but if you use these steps the whole process should be whole lot smoother. If you reside in the West Columbia, South Carolina area and your spouse has recently requested a dissolution of your marriage, contact our law firm today to discuss the next steps you should take to resolve the divorce as easy and as fast as possible.

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