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15 Questions You Should Ask Facing a Drug Charge

If you’re charged with a drug crime, you may have many questions. These are some common questions you may have if you have been convicted of a drug charge in South Carolina. South Carolina drug charges can be complicated and confusing, and  are best explained by an experience South Carolina criminal defense lawyer. You need a thorough understanding of what you could be potentially facing so you can make the best choices moving forward with you case.

  1. How long do drug charges stay on your record?
  2. Are drug charges considered violent crimes?
  3. Can drug charges be federal?
  4. Can drug charges be expunged?
  5. Can a drug charge affect financial aid?
  6. Can misdemeanor drug charges be dropped?
  7. Can a felony drug charge be reduced to a misdemeanor?
  8. Can I buy gun if I have a misdemeanor drug charge?
  9. Can a drug trafficking charge be expunged?
  10. Do drug charges get dropped at the age of 18?
  11. Does a drug conviction disqualify you from the military?
  12. What does drug conspiracy charge mean?
  13. Is paraphernalia a criminal charge?
  14. What drug charges are felonies?
  15. Will a drug paraphernalia charge show up on my record?
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